Barn Conversion

New barn conversion. Boarded by builder, just a bit off filling and ready to tape and joint. Once filler has dried we can spray alsecco spray plaster. This type of new beads trimtex leaves a nice sharp clean edge.

Lounge in the barn conversion we have been doing, trim tex beads to windows, trim tex snap back beads to timbers and alsecco fleace to all plaster boards as we have introduced this system through out the job as all boards are screwed to timbers. We do this to stop any hair line cracks showing, when the timbers dry out or the boards twist and move.

Plastering high ceilings in a barn conversion or any job is difficult, especially when on your own. Mixing and lifting heavy buckets and up and down a scaffold to move it around, but with the airless spray plasterer system it’s ready mixed and the machine is down stairs the hopper is full and the pressure is up high. Now all I need to do is pull the trigger and spray the plasterboard, once I have a even coverage all I do is flatten off, and wait for it to dry. Once dry apply a second coat and wait for that to dry. Once this has dried I sand it back to leave a level 5 finish and virtually snag free. Ready for painter.