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STR interiors have been in the construction industry for over 30yrs , plastering everything from domestic new builds to commercial sites. 

we use an airless spray plaster system which incorporates a ready mixed product from europe . This is faster than traditional hand applied plastering and archives a higher standard of finish.

James Everard

Managing Director – Lincs Building Services.

Why choose Airless Spray Plastering UK?

Evolving from wattle and daub, to lime and sand to sand and cement and then to gypsum based products where you just add water and mix to the required consistency, and now to a ready mixed recycled system making it environmentally friendly green product and sustainability, looking after the carbon footprint.

Airless plaster is a spray applied system that is rapidly becoming the goto product for clients because of its ability to achieve a higher standard of finish, leaving a near level 5 finish and virtually snag free (level 5 finish in the industry is the top quality standard) benefiting from 99% less waste less mess and no water for mixing because of it being already mixed. 

Being made from recycled ceramics binders and resins it makes airless spray plaster the system that stands out in the construction industry.

“We used Steve at STR to come and work on some of our high end building projects in Lincolnshire. He provided a great service which allowed us to get our projects completed much faster & neater.”

STR Interiors

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We work hard to achieve a high quality and standard to our finish, always pushing to achieve client satifaction.


Always on hand working alongside our clients to give advice and help making the job run smoothly and finish on time.

Work Force

Hard working, fully trained, training given, dedicated, polite and friendly.


A ready mixed product
Made from recycled materials
Helping reduce the carbon footprint
Environmentally friendly

Services We Offer

Always on hand working alongside our clients to give advice and help making the job run smoothly and finish on time.


Airless Spray Plastering

Airless spray plastering is a clean and fast way to apply a skim finish to your walls. It can be sprayed through an airless pump allowing large areas to be covered in a day. The product comes ready mixed so there is no need for water to be onsite and there is minimal waste, as little as 1%.

Doppelnahtschnitt Cutter


We offer sustainable paint which compliments airless plaster systems and can match most colours that are available on the market today.

When going over the airless plaster we spray one coat as a must coat and one roller coat to finish.


Traditional Plastering & Dry Lining

We offer dry lining services for any size project. With years of experience and lots of happy customers, we guarantee you will be happy with our dryling service.

We work very efficiently and will have your walls and or ceilings smooth and ready for decorating in no time.

We offer dry lining for:


Internal Partitions

Benefits of UPVC painting:

Million Pound House

New build house that we took over from a colleague where he was was too busy to complete, so we where asked to help with the completion of this fantastic project. 

Double Sided Wall

Here we organised this jumbo wall for a client to section off a building. 100 sq mtrs double boarded both sides. Taped ready for spray plaster.

Barn Conversion

New barn conversion. Boarded by builder, just a bit off filling and ready to tape and joint. Once filler has dried we can spray alsecco spray plaster. This type of new beads, trimtex leaves a nice sharp clean edge.


Want to learn more about our methods at STR and see how we can help you with your next interior decorating project?

Yes, you can spray previously decorated walls with no primer needed.

Knauf & Alsecco Airless products only contain trace silicates and have no chemical binders in the range; we publish Product Sustainability Data for each product. There is also minimal risk for working at height, vastly improved water, waste and time management compared to traditional methods.

Yes, we suggest Knauf & Alsecco Airless Backing and Airless Finish for that type of substrate.

Air drying products e.g. Knauf & Alsecco Airless Finish, typically take 12-24 hours. For our chemical set products, this varies and would be subject to humidity and weather conditions. Knauf & Alsecco Airless application time: 25-31m² per hour.

You do not need the same thickness to obtain the same performance characteristics. We add polymer and organic binders so the performance characteristics are different to gypsum based plaster. Minimum depth is 1.5mm, typically 2mm after full application, compared to 3mm for gypsum based products.

Knauf & Alsecco Airless Finish can be applied onto various surfaces such as taped and jointed plasterboard, composite boards, or fair faced pre-cast concrete surfaces with a two coat application.

No, Knauf & Alsecco Airless Finish comes pre-mixed and doesn’t need any additional water or binders to aid the product.

What They Say

“Great service, fast quick and excellent smooth finsishing to my converted garage walls, would highly recommend for any plastering work.”

John Derrimmun

“Amazing quality plastering love my walls now lovely, smooth and look beautiful in their new raspberry pink colour, wouldn’t recommend anyone else for plastering or refinishing work.”

Reuben Lazenby

“Highly recommend did a great job of my repainting window frames and cladding of my house giving it a completely new look, thanks so much.”

Mason Humphrey